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Who We Are

20 years providing NDIS Help in Australia

WE CU empowered is a boutique independent NDIS service provider built on a passion for giving clients the tools to SHINE. With an authentic personalised care approach, we consider every aspect of your life, working collaboratively with you; your other supports and your loved ones when creating and modifying your NDIS support programs. Delivering truly dynamic and flexible supports in-line with your unique changing needs enables you to reach your goals quicker.

Working with the premise that novel experiences promote neuroplasticity we give our clients, uplifting and exciting experiences, in wonderful locations, from tropical islands to music festivals and national gallery exhibitions. Experiences that you may have thought out of reach become possible with WE CU empowered due to our size we are able to use your funding on you to achieve the best possible results. The inspiring experiences we create for you heighten your brains capacity to learn and retain new life skills. From cooking and personal care to anxiety reduction and effective communication strategies, engaging in new skills becomes a fun and memorable experience that sticks. With follow up techniques and coaching to keep you on track and in-line with your goals our programs are focused on results.


Get to know our Founder

Laoise Daly, the founder of WE CU empowered has invested the past 20yrs into understanding the human condition, holistic health and wellness. Studying psychology, mindfulness meditation, and quantum health along the way. Driven by a desire to create social equity, she founded WE CU empowered to offer the most vulnerable members of our community the latest tools in personal development. Laoise personally creates each individual program and ensures the support staff are well versed in delivering the best possible services for their client’s unique circumstances.

Achieving the independence and fulfilling life you desire becomes achievable working with our highly trained compassionate and dedicated staff. Forever learning and gaining new skills to provide the best in results based services, we listen to your feedback and combine it with the latest research so you can be assured you are in good hands with a team that truly cares about your life, hopes, dreams and happiness.

Your success is our success.

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Laoise Daly